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GEMSTONE GREEN Premium 3 Tone Color Contact Lenses


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* 12 Month use lenses - Can be worn up to 12 months with proper care. BC 8.6MM Dia 14.5MM

* Non Prescription Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses - Power ~ 0.00

* 3 Tone Colorblend Technology for a perfect vibrant and yet natural look

Each order comes with one sealed box with 2 Lenses = (1 pair of contacts) and a lens storage case.

Shipping and Handling is FREE! - Shipped from Seattle, WA - Well packaged - Shipped Super fast - Same day or next except on Sundays/Postal Holidays.  Typically delivered within 2-4 business days after shipment (see shipping policy).

If you have any questions or inquiries - Use the Live Chat button - The Contact Us link or Email me directly at boldnblue2@gmail - I reply to emails within 24Hrs or sooner.

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